About Tutorial Video Maker

Who Is The Tutorial Video Maker?

It's me! My name is Nick Leffler and I've been an instructional designer since 2009.

I've also been making tutorial videos for longer than that! In fact I put together all the tutorial videos for one of my other projects, WPHubSite. There's an entire getting started series that walks new users (or old users!) through the entire process of getting started with the WPHubSite platform.

The getting started series has an article that covers each topic with detailed written and visual instructions. In addition to that there is a video that covers each topic with me walking users through the entire process in the actual platform!

These tutorials make it extremely easy for new users to get started on the platform and makes them feel like they don't have the weight of the entire world on their shoulders.

When you sign up for a new product it can feel overwhelming. Good tutorial videos can make it a bet less overwhelming and make users feel like they have what they need to succeed.

I know I feel a lot better equipped to use a platform when there are good tutorials. And if I use the platform then that also means the company makes more money!

Imagine that!

Nick Leffler - Tutorial Video Maker

That's me (Nick Leffler) but I don't always dress like that.

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