Tutorial Video Prices

Pricing for tutorial videos is by the minute. The first minute is the most expensive because of the overhead. Each of the following minutes is less expensive.

Tutorial Video Price

Tutorial videos come with the script with two revisions and the final video with two revisions before being finalized.

  • Two revisions to the script.
  • One revision to the draft tutorial video.
  • Five day delivery
  • Special effects.
  • Closed captioning subtitle file.
  • 1080 HD MP4 file.

First Minute: $400

Additional Minutes: $100

Narration Options

AI Narration

You will have dozens of voices to choose from for your tutorial video. Everything will be narrated by an artificial intelligence voice.

First Minute: $25

Additional Minutes: $10

Human Narration

Your video will be narrated by the same professional Instructional Designer that creates your video. The narrations will be natural and friendly but not in an overly professional way.

First Minute: $50

Additional Minutes: $25

Professional Narration

You get to choose the mood of your narration from warm and natural to a formal instructional tone. We'll find the right professional narrator for your project.

First Minute: $500-$1,000

Additional Minutes: $100-$200

Other Options

Rapid Delivery

Your video can be available in as soon as 24-48 hours. Check with us to make sure rapid delivery is available when you need it.

First Minute: $100

Additional Minutes: $50

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